Lynn Davis-Smith Plein Air SetupI have never felt complete unless I was expressing myself in some creative way, whether it be finger painting in childhood, oral interpretation of literature as a teenager, theatrical improvisation as a young adult, or drawing and painting in my adult years. I have always been obsessed with color and I have long been fascinated by human anatomy, body language and all the nuances of expression on a human face.

These interests led me to the challenge of drawing and painting figurative work and portraits. How is it that the slightest change in line or shape of a shadow or the upturn of a lip can completely change a person’s expression? How is it that such a slight change can affect what we think of the countenance in a face looking back at us?

In my figurative work, I delight in trying to capture and convey what I feel is the essence of a moment of humanity. I am not one to do quick sketches. I spend many hours on each piece, building color and texture with transparent glazes. I work from gray scale photographs, but attempt to interpret beyond what the camera records by pushing color, by changing the composition and by adding texture. I choose to work in watercolor for it’s transparent, spontaneous and ethereal quality. I strive for a balance of detail and fluidness; hard and soft; smooth and rough. I always choose lightfast paints and enjoy experimenting with varied papers.