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Work in progress watercolor painting of vietnamese boy

This work in progress (WIP) comes with a story, and is a good example to show you how I work on my watercolor portraits. I am beginning to work up a series of portraits from photos that were taken during the Vietnam war by a veteran who served in that war and is now, unfortunately, deceased. The veteran’s name was Ralph Thomas, and he was the brother of my sister’s husband. He left an album of black and white photographs that he took during his time in the war. I was particularly taken with this photograph of a little boy. He somehow looks much older than the age I presume him to be. I can’t help but think that the war took a toll on him. This painting is yet unfinished, but it’s title came to me immediately:  “Too Young to be Old”.

I usually convert photo references to black and white so that I can be more creative with my colors. In this case I have no colors to guide me and the choices I’ve made are from my imagination. What do you think of my color scheme so far?