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On my easel now: A watercolor work in progress

Posted on Oct 15 by

This work in progress (WIP) comes with a story, and is a good example to show you how I work on my watercolor portraits. I am beginning to work up a series of portraits from photos that were taken during the Vietnam war by a veteran who served in that war and is now, unfortunately, deceased. The veteran’s name was Ralph Thomas, and he was the brother of my sister’s husband. He left an album of black and white photographs that he took during his time in the war. I was particularly taken with this photograph of a little boy. He somehow looks much older than the age I presume him to be. I can’t help but think that the war took a toll on him. This painting is yet unfinished, but it’s title came to me immediately:  “Too Young to be Old”. I usually convert photo references to black and white so that I can be more creative with my colors. In this case I have no colors to guide me and the choices I’ve made are from...


Coming Up for Air

Posted on Oct 12 by

watercolor, 19 x 25″, ©2013 Lynn Davis-Smith I am pleased to announce that this painting of a sea turtle was juried into the Northwest Watercolor Society “Waterworks” show, which will run October 22 – November 22, 2013 at Tsuga Gallery in Bothell, WA. Exhibit Details Dates of show: October 22, 2013 – November 22, 2013 Artists’ Reception: October 24, 6-8 pm Where: Tsuga Gallery, 10101 Main Street, Bothell WA 98011 About this painting This is the second time I have painted this subject. The first was a much smaller painting, 7 x 10″, which I consider a study. This larger painting took me several months to complete. I decided to approach it as sort of a mosaic, drawing and painting each little shape separately. I guess the patterns in the tortoise shell beckoned to me this way. I also wanted to paint this with a lot of texture. To achieve the texture I used Arches 300 lb cold pressed watercolor paper, which has a fair amount of texture inherently, AND I used a lot of granulating paint. I used a...


Red Scarf

Posted on Aug 12 by

Watercolor, 11 X 14″, ©Lynn Davis-Smith   This watercolor painting was done using a reference photo of a friend. I used Arches 300# cold pressed paper which has a fairly rough surface. I rather like the resultant granular texture for this subject. Share...



Posted on Aug 12 by

Suspenders, Watercolor, 11 x 14″, ©Lynn Davis-Smith   This is a painting of my father-in-law, Earl. I wanted to give him something really special for his 90th birthday. I had taken a photo of him at  the birthday party of one of his great grand children. It was a beautiful sunny day and he had this radiant smile that I felt really captured his essence. Earl always wears suspenders. The reality was that the suspenders were black, but I painted them red. I just thought they needed to be red to reflect his exhuberance. I also loved the shadow his hat made on his face. I knew that painting that speckled light caused by the straw hat would be a challenge, but I was happy with the result. Earl is one of the sweetest men I have ever met. I hope this painting conveys his nature. Share...


Sally’s Bunny

Posted on Aug 12 by

Sally’s Bunny, watercolor, 9 x 7.5″, ©Lynn Davis-Smith Sally is a friend who paints, draws, rides horses, raises kids and has some rabbits! She brought a rabbit to our painting group one day. I tried to sketch it a few times, but the rabbit moved too fast for my pencil. It’s always good to do some quick sketches, though, as it gives you a feeling for the animal’s character and how it moves. I took some photographs that day, too, and eventually painted this little bunny portrait. I usually paint on watercolor paper, but this was done on bristol board, which is very smooth. It was a different feeling altogether, but I like how it came out. Since I can’t resist texture, I used some of Daniel Smith’s primatek color here — hematite, as I recall. Share...